Our Tools / Video

Our video feed solution (Commonly called a “restream server”, or “RTMP”) allows cameras to be used from anywhere in the world, to be viewable and useable by any other team member and the final production.

There are two options currently supported by this solution, suited to differing workflows.

Real-Time Low-Latency

Our Video service provides an end-to-end latency of less than one second, dependent on distance from the server in use. This enables production teams to get the latest content to them as close to real-world time as possible for immediate usage.

Globally Synchronised Playback

Another option provided by our service is to have synchronised playback for all viewers, no matter where they are in the world. This allows all team members to be sure they’re seeing the same content within a few milliseconds of eachother.

Example use case

An esports production company has only one spectator slot available in their Rainbow Six Siege game. They need to be able to share the in game camera with their casters, desk analysts and of course, the audience all in real time.

They get their in game observer to stream to Vantibyte’s Video solution. All other members on the team are able to watch it in real time, providing their commentary straight into the production desk in perfect sync with the game feed that viewers see.

The Video service by it's very nature uses a significant amount of bandwidth. Viewers with poor connections, or watching a large number of feeds, may experience difficulties. This is similar behaviour to other providers of live-video over IP such as TwitchTV and YouTube.